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Productivity health check

Productivity Health Check is a way to analyze your productivity. The result will lay out exactly what you have achieved and provide feedback on whether it makes ROI (Return On Investment) sense to continue improving your current phase of productivity to focus improvement efforts into the next phases.

CargoWise One in Vietnam

WiseTech Global is a global leader in technology solutions that improve visibility, efficiency, quality of service and profitability for Logistics Service Providers. WiseTech Global is renowned for its next-generation solutions, including CargoWise One, the industry’s only integrated single platform supply chain logistics management system with truly global capability. WiseTech Global customers range from single office SME’s to large multinational companies.

With clients holding more than 150,000 licenses across a customer community of 8,000 sites in 130 countries, WiseTech Global solutions are an integral part of the global supply chain.
CargoWise One provides integration across all departments and functionality for domestic, regional and global customers. CargoWise One has been designed from the ground up specifically for international Logistics Service Providers. Built on a Windows® .Net platform CargoWise One’s deeply integrated and highly scalable design gives you the flexibility to support your business as it grows or changes.

DTK Logistics Solutions is a WiseTech Global partner in Vietnam, we specialize in distributing CargoWise One (EDI Enterprise) software, system configuration, document customization (reports, invoices, etc.), and training services on Forwarding and Accounting module. 

If you are looking for a WiseService Partner in Vietnam, please contact us at +8428 3899 8880 or email: (Ms. Sarah)

CargoWise One overview CargoWise One is designed to optimize and automate all your forwarding op...